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AIC User Agreement

Welcome to use our AIC exchange service! Please read this User Agreement carefully before beginning to use. This agreement is a legal agreement between you (hereafter referred to as "user", "you") and us AIC Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "exchange", "we", "our"), the firm that operates the website https ://aic.exchange/ (hereinafter referred to as "this website" or "website"), establishes the terms and conditions that you must adhere by when using our platform.

By registering and using our services, you agree to accept the terms of this agreement. Please do not continue to use our exchange services if you do not agree to these terms. Circumstances such as risk tolerance whether to engage in this contract transaction and sensibly distribute their digital assets.

  1. Account registration: a. To register for an account, you must be at least 18 years old, or the legal age of majority in your region. b. You must provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date registration information, including but not limited to your name, email address, and other contact information. When necessary, you must keep this information up to date. c. Keep your account and password secure and do not share or disclose them to others. All activities carried out under your account are considered your responsibility.

  2. User Code of Conduct:

    a. When using the Exchange's services, you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. b. You must not engage in any illegal or unethical activities, including but not limited to money laundering, terrorism financing, and so forth. c. You may not interfere with the exchange's normal operation by manipulating market prices with robots or other automated instruments. d. You must not interfere with the Exchange's system operations or impede other users from using the Exchange services.

  3. Privacy Policy: a. In compliance with our Privacy Policy, The Exchange shall process your personal information. Please carefully read and comprehend this Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use, and safeguard your information.

  4. Payment and fees:

    a. There may be fees associated with using some of the Exchange's services. The specifics of these costs will be specified in the terms of service for the relevant service. b. You must pay all applicable fees on time and make certain that the source of payment money is legal.

  5. Risk declaration: a. Trading digital assets provided by the exchange entails significant risk; the market price may be extremely volatile, and you may lose money. b. Before engaging in any transaction, thoroughly consider your risk tolerance and financial goals, and trade at your own risk.

  6. Service changes and termination:

    a. The transaction maintains the right, at any time, without prior notice, to alter, suspend, or discontinue some or all of the services. b. If you violate any of the conditions of this agreement, the exchange reserves the right to close your account and prohibit future use.

  7. Disclaimer:

    a. While the exchange will make reasonable measures to safeguard the platform's security and stability, it will not be liable for any losses caused by technological failures, hacker attacks, and so on. b. All transactions and activities in which you utilize the exchange services are your personal choices and decisions, and the exchange accepts no responsibility for them.

  8. Intellectual property rights: a. The Exchange owns all material, trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property rights, and they may not be used, duplicated, or distributed without permission.

  9. Legal binding: a. This agreement is regulated by the laws of the territory in which it is placed. If a dispute or conflict emerges, it must be handled via the local arbitration processes.

  10. Modifications to the agreement: a. The transaction may change this agreement at any time. After it becomes effective, the amended agreement will be published on the exchange and will supersede the previous version.

Thank you for reading this User Agreement. We look forward to providing you with exchange services that are safe, stable, and convenient. Please contact our customer support team if you have any questions about this Agreement or the Services.

Purpose of Registration

You confirm and pledge that your registration on this website is not to violate any applicable laws or regulations or to disrupt the order of digital asset transactions on this website.

Registration Process

  1. You agree to give a valid e-mail address, mobile phone number, and other information as specified on this website's user registration page. You can log in using your email address, cell phone number, or any other method permitted by this website.

    If necessary, you should provide your real name, ID card, and other information required by applicable laws and regulations, privacy clauses, and anti-money laundering policy terms, and constantly update your registration data to enable it to provide timely, detailed, and accurate information as requested, in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations of relevant jurisdictions.

    All data entered initially will be referred to as registration data. You are responsible for the information's validity, completeness, and correctness, and you must face any direct or indirect losses and negative repercussions that result.

  2. If your sovereign country or region's applicable laws, regulations, rules, orders, and other normative documents require that the mobile phone account be registered under the real-name system, you hereby confirm that the mobile phone number you provided for the purpose of registration has completed the real-name registration. If you fail to submit your mobile phone number as requested, you will be responsible for any direct or indirect losses and negative repercussions that result.

  3. You have the right to get the account number and password for this website after providing the appropriate registration information in a legal, complete, and effective way and passing the relevant verification. You are considered to have successfully registered once you have obtained the account number and password, and you can log in to this website as a member.

  4. You agree to to receive emails and/or newsletters from this website regarding its management and operation.

  5. You understand and acknowledge that in order to become our certified business, you will need to provide additional business registration papers and information after completing the usual user registration. Additional materials and information that we may request include, but are not limited to, your phone number, WeChat account number, Telegram account number, proof of income, past trading experience on this website or any other OTC exchange, risk control strategies, and any other information and materials that may be required by applicable law.

    Furthermore, in order to register as a verified merchant, your OTC account may lock some digital assets as a deposit to protect the security of your transactions, and you will not be able to move or withdraw them while the transaction is in progress.

    You understand and agree that if you are a verified merchant who has been proven accountable for any damages, losses, or other payments incurred during any transaction, but refuse to pay, we may use your deposit to cover any third-party damages, losses, or other sums payable by you under applicable law.

    We will offer you with a verified business logo when you finish the registration of a verified business to identify it from other users who have not completed the registration of a verified business. You can cancel your verification by submitting a cancellation application on this page. If there is no record of ongoing disputes with any third party or previous negative records, our website will process your application within 3 working days and unfreeze your security deposit.


This website only provides online trading platform services for you to participate in digital asset trading activities (such as digital asset trading, etc.) via this website. This website does not engage in digital asset transactions as buyers or sellers, nor does it offer services for the recharge and withdrawal of any national legal currency.